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    Tungsten Carbide is the most excellent seal face material in the seal material world.It has High-polished, Great wear-resistance, extremely ...
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    Established in 1998, Ningbo Lihe Magnetic Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds magnets, including magnetic materials: Ferrite, NdFeb, AlNiCo, SmCo, PTFE magnets, magnetic assembly, industrial permanent magnets. Our magnets are widely applied in electro-motor, generator, nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic suspension, ma...
    • CEO:
    • 6th Jing Road,Jiangnan Export Processing & Trade Zone 315801 Ningbo China
    • Zip Code: 315000
    • Tel: +86-574-86176303,86176306
    • Fax: +86-574-86176311
    • We have built perfect quality management system according to ISO9001:2008.

    • Has become a leading manufacturer of magnetic industry.

    • Is said to be a world-class enterprise determined.

    • Competitive price and strict quality control and measure.


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We have built perfect quality management system according to ISO9001:2008...


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  • LH4702
  • LH 156
  • Pressless Sintered Silicon Carbide
  • PDC Carbide-tipped Threaded Nozzle 3 Slot Wrench